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OUR CONCRETE INSTALLATION PROCESSHere to help every step of the way.

Most homeowners will begin planning about 1-2 months before preferred completion date of their concrete project due to finalizing size and scope, budgeting, approvals and permitting, professional consultation, design adjustments and scheduling with a contractor.

If you have prepared for these factors, we may be able to complete your job with in 2-3 weeks from first contacting us.

BEFORE CONCRETE POURGetting ready for your concrete pour.

  • Initial Contact

    Whether you came to us through HomeAdvisor, our website, or referral, we start by making sure we are a good fit for your job. This involves a short phone consultation so we do not waste your time. We specialize in concrete and decorative and do not pretend to be a jack of all trades.

  • Consultation and Quote

    Listen to your needs and let the ultimate use and purpose of the space inform our design. We don't assume we know best or push unwanted upsells. Consider current and future projects which could affect ours and advise on best cadence to complete them. We'll also work in harmony with other contractors so you don't have to project manage. Connect you with trusted partners of Legacy in adjacent trades such as landscape design, drainage, car port and storage shed construction to streamline your home improvement projects and give peace of mind knowing all contractors have worked together well in the past. Utilize detailed proposal language. Everything on the quote is in "black and white." We'll share our production site schematic with you so everyone is on the same page. Provide exact quotation, not an estimate which could change because we miscalculated.



  • Design and scope adjustments

    After our initial consult, there are always minor changes in design or scope, shuffling in scheduling based on budget, life events, or other projects of yours. We are here to work with you on these adjustments while you are planning and budgeting for your concrete. Expect strong communication between homeowner and Legacy leading into project. We can adjust the particulars of your project to fit your goals and needs for the space (selling the house soon, staying 5 years, forever home). We can recruit our network of vetted and trusted experts in other contracting trades to assist with your home renovation needs and get everything done in one shot.

  • Quote Acceptance and Scheduling

    Whether we are providing structure for you through a concrete driveway or foundation, or creating a beautiful outdoor gathering space with patio or decorative, we are excited to work with you! When we schedule your days for production, they are set in stone. Barring inclement weather or unforeseen delays, we will be there. We never put your job on the back burner because something bigger or better came up. Need to reschedule? Let us know 1 week in advance. We can usually find another homeowner eager to take an earlier slot.


THE DAY OF YOUR CONCRETE POURLet's pour your concrete!

  • Pre-Production

    We'll stay in touch about inclement weather, unforeseen scheduling updates, contingency plans. Expectation sheet morning of to confirm small (and not so small details) i.e. placement and access points for all equipment and materials, notes about protected landscaping and utility lines, and any final updates.

  • Production

    Arrive at pre-discussed time, not when we feel like it. Collect deposit. Feel free to keep us company or go on with your day. We know you're busy and have unavoidable obligations during weekdays. Or, want to see the process through? We are respectful and tolerant of homeowner's desire and right to "trust but verify."

  • Clean Up Time!

    We do not disappear -never to be heard from again- after project is completed. Follow up about irregularities, concerns, questions. Post pictures, leave us a review. Brag to your neighbors about your beautiful new home! Sleek, sexy, and durable new concrete is guaranteed to add a fresh look.


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